The mission of the association is to eliminate prejudice and discrimination in the Criminal Justice System (particularly in law enforcement).  To create a fraternal/professional organization that provides support, advocacy, personal and professional development to its members.  To prevent and reduce juvenile delinquency, and lessen neighborhood tension in the Latino communities, through awareness and role modeling, provide bi-lingual assistance to the public, and bridge the gap between the Latino community and the police.

The NLPOA is committed to awarding scholarships to high school students interested in pursuing a higher education, and we are proud to say we have awarded over one hundred scholarships to underprivileged students as an alternative to gangs and drugs. 

Thanks to our sponsors, supporters, and our membership for their continued support which allows us to provide assistance to youth, and the community.

Our Mission is to further promote the interests of our organization and our members to the community.  We strive to make a difference by educating the public and expanding our reach.

The National Latino Peace Officers Association 

A Non-Profit 501 C-3 Organization

Honoring Family, Education and Community Through Service and Mentorship


National Latino Peace Officers 


.​Police Agencies who are hiring - Corporations who are looking to hire retired police officers - Law Firms looking to hire private investigators who are formal or retired police officers, private investigators and security businesses looking to promote their business

If interested contact our webmaster for more information

NLPOA Advocacy Board

Please take the time to update your 2021 membership dues by filling out the attached application and sending it in.  With your support throughout the years, the AZNLPOA Board pledges to sustain and offer great services and support for law enforcement and offers great community service by volunteering time and energy, sharing and building valuable strengths and leadership.  You are important and greatly appreciated for sharing your role with consideration to this long time organization.  Listed below are some of the most recent accomplishments focused on by AZNLPOA: 

Volunteer - support of the Repeat Ascenders Program, by volunteering.  Work with local youth at risk, at a Rock Climbing Gym, coordinated by long time member, Danny Gonzalez.  NLPOA Board and Members may also volunteer fingerprinting youth at local community events.

Training – member rate and non-member: Leadership Training, Basic Arizona Post Certified Training, Operational Leadership and Scene Management.

Board Membership Meetings and a Holiday Social – we thank those of you who were able to join us.  Fundraising – Rummage Sale; recovery and memorial fund, in honor of Arizona Buckeye Officers.

Job announcements / Awareness postings / Newsletters: El Puente Newsletter and various law Enforcement support fliers.



The Arizona Chapter of the National Latino Peace Officers Association would like to welcome the following individuals to the NLPOA:

Elaine Singer

Daniel Diaz

Fedencio Rivera

Ken Kost

​Andrew Ordanza

Membership Renewals

​Due to the current Covid 19 epidemic and our limited ability  to engage with our community and membership.

The AZNLPOA will be discounting their yearly membership fees from $50.00 to $30.00 for the year 2021.

The NLPOA stands committed to serving our membership and communities by working together. Thank you for continued support.


Membership Meeting:                                  To Be Announced

Booth for a Gang Conference:                    To Be Announced

Awards Banquet:                                           To Be Announced

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Due to the Covid - 19 restrictions and mandates we encourage our members and supporters to Mask Up.  

For sale from the Arizona Chapter of the National Latino Peace Officers Association are face masks that follow CDC recommendations. 

Available for shipment after January 25, 2021.  No shipping charges and please allow 3 to 5 days for delivery.   

Proceeds from the sale of these masks will go towards our Student Scholarship Fund.

Price:   $10.00 


NLPOA – Advocacy is an organization that is comprised of state and local charters throughout the country. The primary purpose of the charters is to promote social welfare by advocating with regard to law enforcement, including best practices, diversity, and community relations. NLPOA - Advocacy may also endorse candidates for political office.

NLPOA Advocacy is a 501(c) (4) organization different from NLPOA in that it serves purposes that are tax-exempt but which do not rise to the level of charitable purposes. 501(c) (4) organizations are classified as "social welfare" organizations.

The current Arizona - Advocacy Board of Directors is made up of the following individuals: Attorney Severiano A. Rodarte, Chaplain Miguel F. Gomez-Acosta, Amy Vasquez, and three retired law enforcement and past AZNLPOA chapter and state presidents Lou Espindola, Ron Gomez.

 The Advocacy website is


Our Mission Statement