Rev. Miguel F. Gomez-Acosta

God is my refuge and my strength…

In times like these I am reminded of Psalm 46 which begins with “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” I am reminded that even though the world might seem to fall apart around me, God is my constant. Not only is God constant but is very present with us today.

Life as we know it has changed so much in the last two and a half weeks. It would not surprise me if you are asking yourself, “where is God in all this?” As a trained theologian I am always supposed to ask this question, for theology, or study of God, is worthless if there is no real-world application. And though it might be difficult to see at first, I assure you that God is present with us today. I see God’s presence at my table when we have dinner together, a practice lost because of the chaos of life before. I see God in the acts of kindness throughout the world as we are trying to be in solidarity with one another. I see God in the comfort we give one another at a loss of a loved one due to this virus.

As we live into our new reality I would invite you to keep your eyes open to see where God is present. Take a walk and enjoy God’s creation. Volunteer somewhere and experience the joy of service. Send a text or call a loved one and let them know that you are thinking of them. The reality is we don’t know when all this will be over. The least we can do is be witnesses to God’s presence in the world.

The Lord bless and keep you always. Amen.

Rev. Miguel F. Gomez-Acosta

Chaplain- AZNLPOA

National Latino Peace Officers