Dr. Ed Valenzuela was a special man a truly self-made man.  He was loved and admired by many; he touched and helped countless people throughout his life as a mentor, helping many with employment and fought against discrimination.  He lived life-running in 400 races, 55 of which were marathons he was a published author and skydived at 76 years old.

 Dr. Ed was the 8th of 16 children. He was extremely motivated going from farm worker to PH.D. He met with presidents at the White House, as he served twenty years as a federal executive with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as an Investigator, Conciliator and Director of the Phoenix EEOC District Office. He participated in the investigation of over 50,000 complaints of employment discrimination.

Ed served as Executive Consultant to the Arizona Governor's Office of Equal Opportunity, where he assisted in the development of an Alternative Dispute Resolution System using Mediation for state agencies and employees and served as Corporate Manager, for Affirmative Action and Diversity

Dr. Edward Valenzuela

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