National Latino Peace Officers 


Dear Members,

Recently I asked the Advocacy Board and the NLPOA Board to meet and have a frank and open discussion on future plans for our organization. The consensus decision was to continue with fingerprint events, participation in the Southern Arizona Women in Law Enforcement event, provide a booth for an upcoming gang conference, a general membership meeting in June, and a end of the year awards banquet. Originally this message was to brief you on these plans but as the saying goes “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” Let me reassure you that we are united and resolute in resurrecting these plans. We fully expect to move forward as soon as feasible and safe.

 Beyond the proposed plans the board is committed to fulfilling our mission:

Mission Statement – The mission of the association is to eliminate prejudice and discrimination in the criminal justice system (particularly law enforcement); to create a fraternal /professional development to its members; to prevent and reduce juvenile delinquency; and to lessen neighborhood tension in minority communities through awareness and modeling.

In order to carry out the mission we as members of the NLPOA must adhere to our core values:

To promote equality and professionalism in public safety
Recruitment of minorities into law enforcement
Bridging the gap between minorities and public safety
Honoring family, education and community through service and mentorship

 The Arizona LPOA has dedicated years to developing positive relationships with law enforcement and political leadership so I can unequivocally state that we have the respect of both.  Because of this fact we are in a position to help and support members with a variety of issues that may arise during ones law enforcement career.

 If you, or someone you know are interested in joining us, or have an issue that we can assist you with, or just have questions please don’t hesitate to contact any board member. Contact information can be found in our website or www.nlpoaadvocacy .

 I realize, no matter how well intended this message is, it doesn’t offer consolation in this time of so much uncertainty. This is precisely why I asked our Chaplain Miguel Gomez-Acosta for his faith based insight. My hope is that you find as much consolation in his words as I did. 

Lou Espindola

President's Message